Think About This: April 2021 BAMGLOBAL Conference Reflection

IBEC Ventures was well represented in a workshop led by Bob Bush and Larry Sharp with about 40 attending.  Bob also worked tirelessly with follow-ups to his involvement in various events and we look forward to seeing how God uses those contacts to benefit the building of His Kingdom.

The recent BAM conference on April 28th-30th, 2021 was an amazing highlight. 770 attendees registered for the virtual event, which was the best in many ways – the technology seemed to work flawlessly, and the presenters did a great job of balancing the missional with the practical. While the stories were challenging and encouraging, the workshops proved to be helpful and useful. Keep the Business As Mission website handy for learning more through the videos, highlights of the conference, and recordings. The BAM movement has an amazing team – thanks to Mats Tunehag, Jo Plummer, Joao Mordomo, and Mark Tideman. Many others worked behind the scenes. If you missed this one, stay tuned for more to come.

There were hundreds of amazing quotes.  Here are a few which are worth reflecting upon:

  • God is waiting for us to join Him.
  • We didn’t know what we didn’t know.
  • Most role models in the Bible lived and worked in a ‘secular’ profession.
  • BAM is showing people the Kingdom of God and introducing them to the King.
  • Franchises allow you to deliver on what someone else has prepared.
  • 80% of businesses are identical.
  • The key to the mitigation of ‘mission drift’ is not to love money.
  • Entrepreneurship allows us to create new lakes for fishing (referring to the often used “Give a man a fish…” comment).
  • Revivals that engage people’s social world last longer than revivals which only focus on the spiritual.
  • You can only improve what you measure.
  • The Bible was written by workers – about workers – for workers!
  • Just try something and be willing to fail forward.
  • Oftentimes, employees learn a culture that is “caught and not taught.”
  • God could have created a garden that was self-sustaining, but he made it so that mankind is a co-creator.
  • Listen more to God than talk to God.
  • Businesspeople are “called to create.”
  • “Bad men need nothing more to compass their ends, than that good men should look on and do nothing.” (John Stuart Mill)
  • A challenge ahead for BAM is to be accepted by the establishment (church, pastors, Christian colleges).
  • Coming together is a beginning * Keeping together is progress * Working together is success (Henry Ford).
  • From all nations to all nations.

Larry W. Sharp, BAM Support Specialist, IBEC Ventures

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