Vision in Progress

I never have been much of a dreamer, but as I get older, I sometimes dream about what things could be like if we were really to make significant tracks in the direction of the original vision for IBEC. That original vision is still stated on our website:

Our Vision: We envision an increasing number of Small-Medium sustainable Kingdom businesses with our special emphasis on areas that are both economically impoverished and spiritually unreached.

One inherent question:  What could happen if there was a significant “increasing number”?  Thus far, we have slowly added to that first consult in 2006; we have given coaching and consulting to well over one hundred kingdom businesses and we are currently working with about forty-five businesses with about forty coaches, consultants, and Subject Matter Experts.

But what if we could multiply?  If we could go to the next level and replicate ourselves in an independent ecosystem of excellence in another country? If COURSES, COACHING and CAPITAL were indigenous to that unique country/culture?

We envision being the catalyst for just that, and the first local ecosystem is in the works.  Danilo Brizola learned about IBEC first by reading an IBEC blog.  He then called, and before long, Jonathan Brake had been lined up as the coach for Snowman Labs in Brazil.  Here is a blog from 3 years ago:

A lot has happened since then.  Snowman Labs has grown to over 100 employees and has refined its mission as a Kingdom company. Furthermore, Danilo has determined to replicate the IBEC business model in South Brazil. There are at least six startups in need of coaches, and training has started. Bob Bush, Jonathan Brake, and Mike Baer will be travelling to Curitiba, Brazil, this coming May to participate in their BAM conference.

Not only that: Danilo has a vision for Snowman Labs in the Middle East, and IBEC has a vision for IBEC-like centers in another four or five regions – it means multiplication of what God is doing in the world through business.  The business supply chain and product market get to see how real disciples of Jesus live, and as Patrick Lai says, “Most people will only believe when they see Jesus first.”

Larry W. Sharp, BAM Support Specialist, IBEC Ventures

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