What is Triventure?

An analysis of the word ‘Triventure’ simply reveals the fact that “Tri” indicates the number three and “venture” means a pioneering endeavor into little known waters proceeding in the face of danger, risk and chance.

Triventure is the name for three partnering entities in the Business As Mission space who are working together to help missional business people proceed into new waters while facing the risks of their business endeavor.  Triventure then can be said to help mitigate risk by training, coaching and meeting capital needs.

Third Path Initiative (TPI) is led by experienced BAM entrepreneur and author, Mike Baer, and his associate Ryan Fogarty.  Mike’s passion includes doing his best to identify and prepare God’s people for the challenges they will face in startup endeavors, international trade, cross cultural life and business, integration of faith and work, and living abroad.  The courses will not only help the student with decisions about the business, but also prepare him or her in myriads of specific ways. TPI training will link to the next two components of Triventure so the entrepreneur is never alone, and they will have what they need to succeed.

IBEC Ventures (IBEC) is led by Bob Bush and Gary Willett, who seek out coaches and consultants for those completing the training.  We believe every business needs a coach, and this is especially important for startups in uncharted territories abroad.  As the business emerges, the leaders are linked with appropriate coaches who assist with lean modeling, business and missional planning, understanding the customer, and financial planning.  They keep the focus on the BAM principles, such as profitability, job creation, disciple-making and stewardship.

Legacy Ventures Network (LVN) is led by Dick Weidner and Stan Bockmann, who are ready to review the business pitch for the much-needed funding.  They have a vision to challenge believers in the principles of Business As Mission, to provide capital that will be used by vetted businesses. These businesses have been processed by TPI and IBEC.  Capital may be in the form of debt (loans) or equity.

Be sure to check out the Triventure website.  Mike Mckearin, Owner and President of WE DO Worldwide – B2B Marketing, has been instrumental with website design and content layout for Triventure.

Larry Sharp, Director of Training, IBEC Ventures

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