“Why is Good Friday good?” A Business as Mission company in Asia

Many BAM companies work in areas of the world unsympathetic to our Christian faith.  Many have never heard the “Good News” of Jesus’ birth, life, death, and resurrection.

ITJ is a software company in south Asia.  Jason and Mike started the company about 20 years ago and have experienced steady growth in creating custom software in Asia for customers in North America and elsewhere. Their 150 employees develop web applications and mobile apps from two locations in their country.  They are committed to the Quadruple Bottom Line which integrates profitability, job creation, disciple-making, and creation care.

As a BAM company, they work hard at building biblical values into the company.  As is typical of many non-western countries, the citizens have a very rudimentary understanding of Christian holidays and celebrations, and such was true of Easter. One year, many of the staff members got together to pursue the question, “Why is Good Friday, good?”

As more than forty employees assembled to discuss the subject, management decided to use company time to explore the subject. Everyone was divided into teams to watch animated videos demonstrating the biblical narrative leading up to the meaning of the Easter event.

They watched these videos in separate rooms, and each team was responsible for learning the message of their video and then presenting it to the entire group. They spent time practicing the telling of the story to one another, and when they were ready to make a presentation, they told their story in front of their peers, even acting out the Easter story, complete with factual detail and the inherent meaning.

Everyone in each team shared with the larger group, and everyone listened to one another’s stories. After a coffee break, one believer shared the meaning of the atonement while another shared her testimony. It was amazingly relational, relevant, natural, and interactive.

Events like this provide opportunities to discuss important themes and serve to complement biblical values being lived out in everyday life.  Yes, Good Friday is good; the entire Easter event was very good!

Larry W. Sharp, BAM Support Specialist, IBEC Ventures

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