Dick Weidner: Just A Sack Lunch

Richard Weidner is leader of the Legacy Kingdom Fund and a respected New Jersey businessman.  He represents the third element of Triventure (www.triventure.com) along with the other two components: Third Path Initiative and IBEC Ventures. The following is an article he wrote in February of this year.

Larry W. Sharp, BAM Support Specialist, IBEC Ventures


. . . .But, Jesus used it to feed 5,000 men, plus who knows how many women and children, and there were 12 baskets of leftovers. Put yourself in the place of the young man with the sack lunch. Thousands of people around you were going hungry, but you had your five loaves and two fishes. You had been smart enough to provide for yourself. You could sneak away, eat your lunch, and who would know? It’s not your fault, or your problem, that they didn’t think to bring something to eat. Besides, how could your meager lunch make any difference?

What possessed this young man to even think about offering his pittance to one of the disciples? Hopefully, we know the answer to that question. He was in the presence of, and under the teaching of, Jesus Himself in person. He could see Him and hear Him, experiencing the power of his presence. How could he not respond by making available what was his, no matter how little, for the Master to multiply ten thousand-fold?

There is no record of his name; he is just a young Jewish boy who lived in obscurity, but his deed that day lives on for eternity. God chose that act of selflessness in His Holy Word for an example to all. No matter your status, your age, your location and your possessions, God can use you and what you have for his glory and the salvation of the lost.

That applies to us today. We all have something that God has provided, no matter how meager, that can be used and multiplied by Him as we respond to the Great Commandment and the Great Commission. There can be no excuse that “I don’t have any time, talents or assets that can be made available for God to use and multiply in reaching every tribe, tongue and nation with the Good News of the Gospel.”

Each of us has our “sack lunch”, no matter how big or small. It is our provision and security for the next meal or the rest of our lives. The question for us is, “Are we willing to surrender it to Jesus and experience its multiplication as He uses it to minister to those who need the truth of the Gospel so much more than their next meal.

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For some thought-provoking questions about how to use our “sack lunch” review a IBEC blog from 2021.

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