Work – to the glory of God

“Whether, then, you eat or drink or whatever you do, do all to the glory of God.”
I Corinthians 10:31 NASB®

Work when done for the glory of God changes everything.  Do you believe that?

For some, work is drudgery.  We all know the person who comes to work not one minute early and can’t wait to punch out. This person puts in his or her time expecting only a paycheck. If work is all about the money, work isn’t done for the glory of God.

Some enjoy work but for the wrong reasons. Some have something to prove and work is where they strike out to prove their worth. They will never stop trying to prove something.  Some see work as a means to gain power and position, likely for the same reason as the previous person. They will never have enough of either and nor do they work for the glory of God.

When God created the earth and all that is, He looked at what He made and said it was “very good” and then He rested from His work. When we look at our labors as something God intended for us to do, we find there is high value in our work, regardless if it’s cleaning toilets or leading a company. Through our efforts we fulfill God’s design, each of us made as the image of God. God did everything with purpose and excellence – and – He did it with you and me in mind.

I appreciate the one who cleans the toilets, don’t you?  We need the one who leads a company but he/she can’t do a thing without others working “the line”. Work must be about serving others and glorifying God and not about us. Our needs will be taken care of when we have this attitude.

As we begin another week, remember that work is a privilege, a privilege to serve the customer, co-worker, company and clients – doing every aspect of the task with excellence and all for the glory of God.  With this attitude – everything changes!

Dave Kier, Board of Directors, IBEC Ventures and Owner and CEO for DFS Feeds in Newell, Iowa.

Learn more about Dave’s experience and servant’s heart in this brief biography on our website. You can contact Dave through this email:

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