Founders Imports: moving from the sideline to the goal line

Bob Bush is the Managing Director of IBEC and writes about one of the projects where he serves as a consultant. We continually thank God not only for clients like Founders Imports but the coaches and consultants who serve them.

Founders Imports ( is a perfect example of what can happen when a family comes together as a team, listens to the Word of God regarding how they can make a difference, and then has the tenacity and perseverance to put their dreams into action. Putting words and thoughts into action is what we all want to do, but many times it takes a “nudge” from the Holy Spirit to push us forward. As evidenced by the work being done by Founders Imports, that little “nudge” can have a huge impact for God’s Kingdom and change lives in the process.

Andy and Heather Jones felt God’s calling to make a difference in Guatemala and began Founders Imports to help create jobs for women in the area.  They brought their incredible family together (Emily Close, Meagan and Nate Taverner, and Evangeline Jones), and the impact in the area was life-changing for all involved. Women who needed an opportunity were given one through the compassion, love, and hard work exemplified by this amazing family. The members of the Founders Imports Team are not missionaries by “calling” but their desire to utilize the gifts that God has given them has truly made a difference in this area of the world. Simply put, they put their thoughts into action and through God’s grace, lives have been changed.

IBEC Ventures ( was brought in to help partner with Founders Imports, and the team has flourished together for the Glory of God.  Founders Imports has been able to implement their incredible strategic vision for the organization, with IBEC providing tactical support and coaching along the way. As a result, God is touching the lives of
many in the area. Andy and Heather found themselves looking for an opportunity to make a difference for God’s Kingdom, and the team quickly moved from the sideline to the goal line. Their next move will be to take Founders Imports into the heart of Asia, as they feel God’s calling to this area of the world as well.

We at IBEC Ventures are here to provide consultative support for Business as Mission endeavors throughout the world. Andy, Heather, and the entire Founders Imports Team are making a huge difference for God’s Kingdom, and this is just the beginning! If you are interested in putting your dreams into action as well, then a call or email to IBEC Ventures to inquire about possible next steps may be your next move.

Remember…God has given each of us unique gifts for His Kingdom. Let’s make sure we put these gifts to use for Him. We simply cannot let these gifts go to waste.

Robert Bush, Managing Director, IBEC Ventures

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