New doors for prospective IBEC clients

Last week we introduced you to our “new baby” – the new IBEC Ventures website. This week I have the pleasure of showing off one of my favorite parts of the website: the Clients area!

Clients are the reason that IBEC exists. Helping prospective IBEC clients find us and quickly connect with us is the top goal of our new website. We’re addressing that with our new website in two ways: visibility on the internet and providing a great experience for prospective clients when they visit our website.

Visibility on the internet: We’re beefing up our Search Engine Optimization and visibility on key partner websites – so people searching the internet for things related to Business As Mission can easily find us. As anyone working in this area of website development knows, this is no small challenge and is a work in progress!

Client-focused website: IBEC serves six general categories of clients and a single click from any page on the website takes visitors to information specific to each of them:

  1. Overseas Startups and Established Businesses – expatriates and nationals building community-impacting Business as a Mission (BAM) businesses
  2. North American Businesses Expanding Overseas – seeking to grow their business and the Kingdom
  3. Expatriate Employees – seeking to impact their communities while working overseas
  4. Faith-based NGOs and Agencies – seeking to equip workers to build Business As Mission (BAM) businesses
  5. Churches – activating business people to use their gifts for Kingdom building
  6. Colleges and Universities – equipping students to pursue Business As Mission

Seeing themselves, IBEC and their next steps

For each of these types of clients, we provide a series of profiling questions to help prospective clients recognize themselves as a good fit for IBEC services based on their objectives and issues. For example, some of the questions in the Overseas Startups and Established Businesses section include:

  • Do you live in a country and a community that needs quality jobs, sustainable economic opportunities, and spiritual transformation?
  • Are you considering starting a new business using a BAM model focused on the triple or quadruple bottom line? 1) Sustainable profit and wealth creation in the communities where they operate; 2) Jobs that provide income and dignity for employees; 3) Spiritual capital – followers of Christ; 4) Stewardship of God’s creation.
  • Do you need help developing a Strategic Business Plan that integrates your vision to build the Kingdom while building a sustainable business?

To help prospective clients see how IBEC works with clients like them, we highlight our services and ways that IBEC engages with similar organizations and share examples of clients we’ve served. Since our goal is to make it easy to engage with us, we provide contact information for the person at IBEC they can contact to discuss their specific needs – me included!

For the past 10 years, IBEC has been serving businesses, organizations, and individuals seeking to make Business As Mission (BAM) and the quadruple bottom line a central part of their personal and organizational strategy for impacting the Kingdom of God. We are currently working on over 20 projects in areas like China, Africa, India, Thailand, and Nepal…and we would love to work with you as well. God is doing amazing things in some of the darkest places of the world through the creation of jobs. What a privilege and honor it is for us at IBEC to be a part of His team and we’d love to help you join us in this Kingdom adventure.

Take a look around the Clients area on our website. Find your door, open it, and call us if you’d like to connect!

Robert Bush, Managing Director, IBEC Ventures

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