Proud parents: introducing IBEC’s new website

Beaming with pride and joy! That’s how we feel about introducing you to the new IBEC Ventures website.

These proud parent feelings surprised me recently when I visited the new IBEC home page and paused to reflect on what I was seeing. There, before me, was a beautiful new creation, “fearfully and wonderfully made”, albeit a website, not a divinely designed baby. Nonetheless, in it, I could see the prayerful preparation and months of hard work by the IBEC Leadership Team and our excellent graphics and website development team1. Being intimately familiar with the tremendous quality of information it provides, I could envision the lives it will impact. And this brought a smile to my face!

The new home page is centered around five key IBEC connection points:

  • Our Clients: giving prospective clients a clear window into the types of organizations IBEC serves and the specific ways that we can address their individual needs
  • Our Team: showcasing our amazing team of consultants and subject matter experts and the exceptional training and resources we equip them with through the brand new IBEC Consultants Training Program and Resource Library.
  • Our Approach: sharing who we are as an organization – our services, our processes, our vision and values, our history, the countries where we serve, and our reputation in the BAM community.
  • Our Blog: featuring this week’s latest blog and the wealth of Kingdom business expertise, ideas, and best practice sharing in our archive of over 130 IBEC blogs.
  • Our BAM Video Library: highlighting Business As Mission and Kingdom Business practitioners in 26 videos designed to inform, inspire and help you see how you can be part of the global BAM movement.

In the weeks ahead we’ll be peeking under the blanket to show you more about each of these key areas. For now, we invite you to look for yourself and see if you don’t agree: our new baby is pretty darn cute! Click here to see what we mean: IBEC Ventures Home Page.

1. Our website design and development team – thank you!

Carolyne Hart, e-Marketing and Social Media Director, IBEC Ventures

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