Now there is hope – because of a Kingdom business!

Nkosi arrived early for class that day in Bulawayo, Zimbabwe, the first day of the new semester. Martha, the headmistress, welcomed him and I asked her if she could tell me his story.

She related that he was the eldest of three children.  When the third was born, his mother died and shortly thereafter, his father passed away.

Sixth grader Lucy, then wandered by – she loves school, and is always early – it is a safe place – far removed from her abusive uncle who regularly violates her when she arrives home from school.

Nkosi and his siblings were orphans; they were poor; they had no hope.  Lucy sees no hope for justice and a normal childhood.

Hope Primary School was once a government school in Zimbabwe, Africa – but it closed.  There was no money, and more than 400 students joined the thousands of other children in the country who are not in school, poor, abused, and without hope.

But Peter Cunningham, a Kingdom entrepreneur and businessman, had an idea.  He bought the school, hired a caring disciple-focused headmistress who then hired good teachers, and re-opened the school. He ultimately expanded with secondary grades, athletic facilities and quality education.  Not only is there renewed hope for an education, but hope in Christ, as teachers focus on what it means to be a disciple of Jesus.

That is what Kingdom businesses, like Hamara, can do.  They are disciple-making; kingdom-focused, job creating, and servant-minded. They think differently about how business, the church, government, and the community can work together for the greater good.  They are starting to change the country – for the glory of God.

Larry Sharp, Director of Training, IBEC Ventures 

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