Sneak peek: 8 new IBEC BAM video vignettes – Part 3

Masterful. That’s my one-word description of these last three videos from the newly released IBEC Business As Mission (BAM) video vignettes series.  In less than three minutes each reveals the reality of God’s heart for working in and through ordinary people, doing ordinary things with a supernatural difference. They inspire me to operate on a higher level today and every day. See if you don’t agree!

Bill Job: Wisdom, listen, execute

Bill Job is the founder of Meixa Company in China and a world-spokesperson for various elements of the BAM enterprise.  In both of these clips he underlines the importance of business in demonstrating the principle of “walking with God at work”. Conversations with God are very real for Bill and he talks about asking for wisdom, listening well and executing what God tells us. Key themes: God as the owner of our businesses. God as the source of wisdom and provision.

Wisdom, listen, execute – Bill Job from IBEC Ventures.

Bill Job: Conversations with God

Want to hear from a guy who walks with God at work? Bill Job really lives like that and encourages us to bring God into the conversation and the problems and a relationship that is real. This “Good morning, God” video could change your life. Key themes: Bringing God into our lives. Having an actual relationship with God. Engaging God in every area of our lives.

Conversations with God – Bill Job from IBEC Ventures.

Larry Sharp: My business is my ministry

Larry Sharp is the founder of IBEC Ventures and current Director of Training and primary contributor to this weekly blog. His clip tells the story of Michelle, a business owner who was transformed by the understanding that her business was really her ministry. Key themes:Business is an ability given by God. Business is part of God’s mission in this world. Work, our profession, as worship.

My business is my ministry – Larry Sharp from IBEC Ventures.

These videos are the result of funds generously granted to IBEC for the production of 21 BAM focused videos: these eight “heart of BAM” snippets plus thirteen in-depth training sessions for BAM professionals. In case you missed seeing the other vignettes, take a look at Sneak Peek – Part 1 and Sneak Peek – Part 2 for more background or just click through to the videos:

  1. Employment Crisis – John Warton
  2. Do business until I come – John Warton
  3. Business like Bach – Mats Tunehag 
  4. BAM Street – Mats Tunehag
  5. Freedom business – Jennifer Roemhildt Tunehag

Feel free to contact me if you have any questions about using these videos in your presentations, social media and websites. We’re here to help others to catch the vision and move forward in building Kingdom businesses for the glory of God!

Carolyne Hart, Director of Social Media and Digital Marketing, IBEC Ventures

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