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IBEConnect April 2014

Monday, April 14, 2014

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+  Job Maker
+  Job Faker

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IBEC is all about people – people overseas in need of Jesus and a better life; people running kingdom businesses; IBEC consultants and Subject Matter Experts; investors, donors, and the list goes on. 

One of those people who has been at the core of IBEC’s progress for the past seven years is Ken Leahy who has served as consultant, Director of Consulting Services, board member, and Interim CEO. Due to rapid growth in IBEC, Ken transitioned to full time consulting on April 1 and will continue as an IBEC advisor.  Board chairman, Don Worthington heads a search team for a new Managing Director with plans to have that person in place by June. 

We are delighted that Ken will stay connected and involved in the work of IBEC. Ken sends this encouragement --  

“I believe the Lord is opening up some great new areas of opportunity for the BAM community in the 10/40 window.  I see IBEC Ventures as being well positioned to contribute to those opportunities to use business to spread the gospel to the least reached peoples and to practice the great commandment to the least cared for people of that region.  I look forward with great anticipation to being part of what Jesus is doing through BAM and IBEC Ventures in the days ahead.”

The Leadership Team is stepping up and is insuring the same high level of service you have come to expect from IBEC. In addition, we are excited about continued growth with an increasing number of projects, enhancing our social media strategy, and also board development.  Larry Sharp will serve in a coordinating role for the next couple of months.  Gary Willet continues to serve as Director of Consulting Services; Jim Mayer, Director of Recruitment; Gwen Rapp, Consultant and Administrator; and Torrey Sharp, Director of Business Development.

Please mark November 6-8 on your calendar, which is the next OPEN Expo conference in Raleigh, NC  (www.openexpousa.com). IBEC will have a new wave of consultant training rolled out by then, thanks to much work by the Leadership Team.

BAM companies and consulting firms (like IBEC) look for the triple bottom line.  Is the business becoming profitable and sustainable?  Is it providing social and community impact?  Is it living out kingdom values and making disciples of Jesus?

Here is a key indicator of spiritual progress from a tour company owner in Asia heavily impacted by IBEC consultants.

"Upon entering a local office where national people facilitate some aspects of our tour company, I saw my local friend who manages the office.  Amidst the hubbub we greeted one another and caught up on personal news.  Suddenly my friend asks, 'Do you have a divine connection? I’m sensing a positive energy emanating from you and I don’t know what it is.'  Stunned, I replied, 'Well, as a matter of fact, I do have a divine connection to Jesus!'  I then went on to explain who Jesus is and about His presence in my life.  He listened intently.  Something is happening in my friend’s heart and mind…something we believe God is doing."

KINGDOM BUSINESS OWNER (whose company is nearing profitability and sustainability)


+  International tax and legal expertise
+  Accounting
+  Marketing, social media marketing 
+  Grant strategist and writer 
+  IT and website development

(Contact: Larry Sharp at larry.sharp@ibecventures.com)

A Job Taker is a professional person who takes a job (oftentimes with a large multi-national company) in a place unreached with the gospel so as to develop natural relationships for Christ and make disciples.

A Job Maker helps launch new job-creating businesses in unreached areas so as to create community value and make disciples of Jesus.  They may be entrepreneurs, business builders, coaches, investors or consultants.

A Job Faker enters an unreached country pretending to be someone he really isn’t.  This person usually has a missionary heart and skill but fakes it because missionary religious worker visas are not obtainable. 

IBEC's niche is in Job Making for Jesus. We do encourage Job Takers, but do not approve of Job Fakers.
A REMINDER...which confirms the Triple Bottom Line

Jesus said, “Love your neighbor as yourself…go and make disciples of all nations…”

Gallup world survey says, “…the single most searing, clarifying, helpful, world altering fact: what the whole world wants is a good job.” (Jim Clifton reporting on a worldwide survey in the book The Coming Jobs War).




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An Architect and the Making of Disciples

Thursday, January 10, 2013

Many of us learn best through the narrative.  Stories demonstrate what we mean by "real business" and "real mission".  IBEC consultants helped this business in Asia to grow and develop.

An Architect and the Making of Disciples

Andrew is an architect. He loves boats and the water, and he owns a boat-building business in Asia, where he lives. Andrew also loves Jesus and wants more people in his country to follow Him.

Andrew is a legitimate business owner in this country.  Unlike most employers in the country, he is honest, fair, caring and supportive of employees, clients, vendors, tax authorities, accountants and neighbors. He can live out his faith in the workplace and use his profession to impact his staff of about 30 employees. In short, Andrew is “Jesus” to those who have never heard the good news.

When Andrew bought the business, there was not one employee who loved and followed Jesus. Recently I received this email from Andrew:

“A 56-year-old man just decided to follow Jesus and was baptized yesterday! He has a wife and two 20-something boys. He is a changed man and even his wife can see it. Please pray for him and his family, as I understand his wife will seek approval from her family to follow his ‘new faith’ in Jesus.”

Now Andrew has disciples on both sides of the cross — many following from afar and one following more closely. Andrew continues to run his business for profit, for creating jobs, and for making followers of Jesus.

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