Dream BIG this year

Dick Weidner, of the Legacy Ventures Network (a partner with IBEC), shared the following quote from George Barna’s book The Power of Vision.  It seems to be a wonderful thought for the start of the new year.

Larry W. Sharp, BAM Support Specialist, IBEC Ventures

“There is great power in dreaming big. God’s vision for your life is grand. It is not likely to

be accomplished in a year or two. Once you grasp His vision, it will outlive you. Your role

is to grasp it, articulate it and see that it gets acted upon. Your responsibility is not to see

that it comes to a conclusion. Work toward that end, but do not feel incomplete if it is not

fully accomplished in your lifetime. Along the way, simply being part of making that vision

become reality will earn sufficient reward.


Dreaming big, through God’s enablement, is also one means of allowing the church to see

and to follow God’s power and majesty. His desires are so much better and more

meaningful than our own, and when we envision them, and fully support them, the

spiritual and emotional empowerment is incredible. People become genuinely excited over

grand possibilities. The magnitude of the task is dwarfed by the realization that He wants

to do it. He intends to make it happen through us.”

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